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I believe rephresh is simply excellent I happen to be employing it for 2wks now and I like it. Plus its an awesome lubricant to use during intercourse. My boyfriend loves it. Many thanks for developing a great products.

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Cuttwood’s Manager Reserve – awesome nutty flavour with abit of the creamy right after flavor. I’m vaping the 12mg nicotine. Powerful and very good.

My IJust2 runs the .twenty five dual coils astonishingly In spite of only 40watt. Draw back even so is always that it heats up just a little bit quicker than the original .3 Ohm Eleaf alternative coils.

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okay so i went towards the doc after a rephresh application cause of the white clumps (extra cells, im now mindful of) and perhaps my MD thoguht i had a severe yeast an infection, nonetheless she was the one who advised rephresh for me due to the fact im suscptible to bv.

I will mostly talk about the iJust two sub ohm tank, as there isn’t an excessive amount of to debate about the battery.

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I had to accept the Atlantis .five as my vape shop was out in the eleaf .three’s and I was in a very hurry…I will probably be switching back again to .

I didn’t have this issue right before starting to use the item. I started working with these products to help with dryness, Handle odor, maintain PH, and to forestall BV. I only experienced a slight discharge in my underwear in advance of. My doctor only said that i'm infection free of charge also to try these solutions!!! Lol now I'm obtaining the large white chunks!!! Plus the solutions Web site is stating to refer to a health care provider!!

Before, I had an infection that Diflucan did not crystal clear up and I necessary one thing much better. You might want to give your gyno a get in touch with and click here Permit him/her know you’re nevertheless emotion irritation. Hope you can get some reduction quickly!

by the way, getting a sub-ohm, this ecig needs A lot lessen nicotin degrees as compared to everything I tried right before: even for any fresh ex cigarillo smoker like me, a 9mg liquid is too harsh for a complete lung strike… (I really vape at 6mg and strike and flavour are awesome).

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